The Buildroom will temporarily close to the public from Tuesday 24 March, following the Federal Government’s advice to limit non-essential services to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The BRICKS n FUN LEGO Buildroom can cater for up to 12 guests at any one time and is open 5 days a week - Tuesday to Saturday, 6 days a week - Monday to Saturday during School Holidays. LEGO Buildroom sessions last for 1 or 2 hours, starting at 10am each day until 4pm . We can also do evening and Sunday sessions for large groups andAFOLs and LEGO enthusiasts on request.  All persons entering the LEGO Buildroom should be 5 or older, there is no upper limit. Younger children under 5 are able to enter the LEGO Buildroom but they must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times. There is also a DUPLO CORNER for toddlers where they can have fun playing with a working DUPLO train set and other fun DUPLO pieces. Bookings can be made for just a single person or a group of friends and also for Birthday Parties and Special Events. Bookings are recommended, especially on school holidays as sessions and fill quickly.

For Birthday Parties and other Special Events you book the entire LEGO Buildroom and have the exclusive use of it and the adjacent eating area for the duration of your event.

Note that for health and hygiene reasons food and drinks are not permitted in the LEGO Buildroom or in the LEGO display areas. There is a seating area located just outside in the shop area where drinks and snacks can also be purchased.

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The LEGO Buildroom can cater up to 12 builders at a time. Bookings are highly recommended, especially on weekends and school holidays. All builders entering the LEGO Buildroom must 5 or older, there is no upper limit! If there are younger children an adult must accompany the child at all times when in the LEGO Buildroom.

When entering the LEGO Buildroom you are given a special time badge which indicates the time you have booked. There are a number of activities you can do, such as look at the large LEGO displays with lighting effects, see the operation of the LEGO train layout, watch the LEGO Mindstorms robot solve a RUBIKS cube or read about the history of the LEGO company.  There are interactive displays as well. You also get the opportunity to choose your favourite LEGO kit from the 100's of LEGO kits available and build it. Our friendly staff will help you choose your first kit and give assistance on how to build it. Once you have mastered the easy kits you can then pick which ever kit you want and then get caught in the zone and build it! Once it's finished you can take a photo and it time permitschoose another kit and build that too. In fact you can build as many LEGO kits you can in the time you have, most builders usually stay for 2 hours.

If there is a group of friends then you might want to play some LEGO games, there are plenty to choose from. You might even want to have a speed building competition.

Adults who are only assisting their child can sit with them at no extracharge. One parent is allowed in the LEGO Buildroom for free with every paying child. If parents do want to build (and many do) they must also pay the LEGO Buildroom fee .

You can make a booking for just a single person or bring a group of friends and share the fun. All children need to be supervised by a parent or responsible adult. Children over 12 can be left while you do some shopping.

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With Birthday Parties or other Special Events you book the entire LEGO Buildroom for your group. You can indicate any special requirements needed for the special occasion when booking, such as specific catering requests, party loot bags etc.

On arrival you get special name tags for each of your guests. When all the guests have arrived they enter the LEGO Buildroom and look at the large LEGO displays and see the operation of the LEGO train layout. A BRICKS n FUN staff member will be present to answer any of your questions. There are a number of organized activities the guests will do which includes games and quiz's which result in prizes given out to the guests. Every guest will get a Lego gift to take home.  There is also a great photo opportunity for all the guests. They then all get to choose their favourite LEGO kit to build from the 100's of kits available ranging from Star Wars, City, Dinosaurs, Ninjago, Castle, Harry Potter, Technic and many many more, there are 100's !

At the end of the build session the guests go from the LEGO Buildroom to take a seat in the catering area. This is where all the food and drinks are consumed, the cake is cut with everybody sings Happy Birthday.

The number of guests does depend on the age of the children, for 6 years old the ideal number is 10 with a maximum of 12 as they often require more assistance. For older children and adults the maximum can be up to 14 guests. There is an extra charge for the extra guests.

To book or inquire about a BRICKS n FUN Birthday Party or Special Event please complete the booking form below. Birthday parties are for children 6 and over, this is an insurance requirement. If there are younger children included they must be accompanied by an adult at all times when in the LEGO Buildroom.

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Please complete this form to make a booking. If choosing a LEGO Buildroom session then complete the top section only. Thanks

Complete the rest of this section only for Birthday Party or Special Events.

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